Oil Boilers



Condensing Oil Boilers
SEDBUK Band A Efficiency

  • Incredible efficiency due to a unique patented heat exchanger design.
  • Up to 25% savings in fuel consumption compared with old boilers.
  • Lower emissions and carbon dioxide.

Designed as a condensing boiler – not an “add on”

  • Condensing heat exchanger is integral part of the boiler shell.
  • Condenser is located at bottom of appliance to keep acidic condensate away from mild steel heat exchanger.  This removes the need for a seal between the main heat exchanger and condensing section.

Robust design

  • Enviromax™ boilers are built from premium grade steel with a minimum 4mm gauge.
  • All indoor models have a heavy duty casing with a polyester-coated finish to protect the boiler from normal wear and tear.

Widest range on the market

  • With up to 60 models available, we have something to suit every customer.

Installer Friendly Features

  • 4 tapping points on most boiler models – increases installation options.
  • Front service access – easy access to common service parts.
  • 7-pin plug – simplifies wiring.
  • Optional condensate pump – lifts up to 5m – perfect solution where natural gradient is not available.
  • Multi-directional flue options – increases installation options.

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