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Why Choose an Avanta Plus Combination Boiler

A Combi boiler is both an energy efficient water heater and a central heating boiler all in one. With a Combi boiler there’s no need for a hot water storage cylinder or a cold water storage cistern in your roof. Hot water is heated directly from the mains and delivered instantly – on demand and on tap. What’s more, because the hot water is delivered at mains pressure, showers from the Avanta Plus Combi are as strong and invigorating as a power shower.

If roof space is an issue or you are considering a loft

conversion, the Avanta Plus Combi boiler will be your number one choice for efficient hot water and heating. Quick and easy to fit, they can save you installation time and money as well as hot water costs.

It’s no wonder it’s our most popular boiler.

Optimum heating for your home
With central heating outputs from 6 to 35.5 kW, the popular, ultra efficient Avanta Plus Combi boiler can heat 14 radiators with ease to keep you and your home toasty warm.

Instant hot water on tap
The Avanta Plus Combi boiler consistently delivers an abundant supply of hot water for deep, luxurious baths and invigorating, high pressure showers thanks to its high hot water flow rates and the comfort mode that keeps water at a constant temperature.

Lower energy bills and reduced carbon emissions
This state-of-the-art boiler is highly energy efficient, bringing significant savings to your fuel bills while having minimum impact on the environment.

Slimline and flexible
The Avanta Plus Combi is so light and slimline that it will fit into almost any available space, even a kitchen cupboard, providing you with more space and greater choice as to siting.

Reliable, easy to fit and service
The Avanta Plus Combi is probably one of the quickest and easiest boilers to install, saving you installation costs. It is both simple to service and maintain and extremely reliable with sophisticated inbuilt safety controls for a steady supply of heat. The Avanta Plus Combi brings you value for money and invaluable peace of mind.

The Avanta Plus Combi Boiler range comes with a 5 year parts warranty, 2 year labour warranty and a 1 year ignition/ionisation electrodes warranty subject to warranty registration and annual services.

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